EKOMAT Bulgaria Ltd

Ekomat Bulgaria ltd is a construction company, which specializes in construction and reconstruction of industrial enterprises, residential and administrative buildings and reconstruction of road structures. We offer consulting, designing, seismic inquiry and fortifying of buildings, structures and execution of construction according to the European quality standards and in accordance with the modern tendency for energy efficiency.

In construction we utilize modern building materials that have proven their qualities on a global scale and we constantly research and renovate our range of materials and technologies.

We offer the following services:
  • Constructing and reconstructing of buildings and structures;
  • Excavation works;
  • Concrete covering;
  • Executed entirely by machines and the concrete grinding technology, metal structures;
  • Reinforcements with varying levels of complexity;
  • Casing with the Peri and Doka systems;
  • Hydro and heat insulations.